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You Can’t Feed Emotional Hunger

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“You can’t feed emotional hunger.”

That’s what a client sent to me in a message this past week and although it’s not something new, it finally clicked for her.

Do you ever have moments like those? There are things that you have heard over and over again but it just doesn’t mean anything to you until all of a sudden it just clicks and you get it?  

As a coach, I must say, those moments are the best.

A little back story

I’ll tell you a little story about my client and I’ll call her Jennifer. Jennifer has been working with me for the last year in a bit. When she came to me it was because she wanted to finally take control over her eating instead of her eating controlling her. She had gained weight and she wasn’t happy about it. Aches and pains were affecting her daily and she figured enough was enough. I was offering a special with my next coaching cohort and she jumped at the chance.

During our time together she gained lean muscle, lost fat, and the scale is 20 pounds lighter than when she started. All great things. In order to do all of that she learned how to be consistent with her workouts and to pay attention to her eating at meal times. No special diets or supplements that she needed to take, we work on getting her to prioritize herself. 

The Aha Moment

So when she sent me a message the other day I finally felt like we had that breakthrough moment where I can definitively say ‘she gets it’. 

The message goes like this.

Omg!  I was just watching this video and this line hit me like a slap in the face for some reason “YOU CAN NOT FEED EMOTIONAL HUNGER”. I know we’ve talked about this many times but it really resonated with me today.

Sometimes you have to hear things in a different way, in different context, or even from multiple sources before it finally sinks in. It takes time to change some of the thought patterns that have taken our entire life to form. Be patient with your results, your abilities, most importantly, yourself. 

Put in the time

For Jennifer it was easy to workout four times a week and plan her meals, the hard part was pausing before eating to figure out how she felt and why she was eating. In times when she was stressed or frustrated in the past, she would distract herself or avoid situations by finding comforting foods. 

Become Aware

Awareness is half the battle. You can’t change anything without first being aware. What’s going on? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Does it make sense? How can I do ‘something‘ different?

Jennifer is well on her way to changing how she handles stressful situations and changing her relationship with food. If you want the results like hers, to lose weight and keep it off, do what she did. Learn how to do the fundamentals… consistently.

Result-Getting Fundamentals

  • We need to move our bodies to keep our heart and muscles strong.
  • We need to nourish our bodies to support our activities.
  • We need to get enough sleep for our bodies and our mind to rest and recover.
  • We need to have purpose in our lives for our emotional well-being. 
  • And most importantly, we need to love ourselves enough to make our health and well-being a priority  because I can promise you putting yourself down in hating your body is recipe for failure.

If you want to get into the best shape of your life…

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