You Have Two Lists. Vent or Change

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You Have Two Lists. It’s OK. Forgive Yourself. It’s Normal.


Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to CHANGE a habit or a routine or to CREATE a new habit or routine? How many times have you complained, whined, made jokes, or beat yourself up over something and wished it was different somehow?


Vent or Change

Without realizing it, you have two lists going on right now. One is a vent list and the other is a change list. The problem isn’t the two lists, it’s that there is only one thing that is on the change list – the things that you are actively doing something about. Everything else is on the vent list. The vent list holds all the things that you just aren’t happy with but you’re not quite ready to do anything about.

Not sure what I mean? Test it out.

  • Create your ‘I want to change’ list.
  • Now highlight the things you succeeded in changing over the past year.
  • Give yourself a high-five and celebrate your success of those changes!  WOOT-WOOT!


The things that are not highlighted make up your vent list. It may look something like this:

  • I’m going to move somewhere warm since I really hate the snow and cold.
  • I’m going to say no more often so I’m not so overwhelmed.
  • I am going to put away $30 a week to save for a rainy day.
  • I am going to move somewhere that has less humidity.
  • I am going to lose 10 lbs so my clothes will be more comfortable again.
  • I am going to change my eating habits and get more active so I will have more energy and feel better.


Are you starting to see how it works?

Don’t beat yourself up about your vent list. Venting is good for the soul. It is totally realistic for some things to stay on the vent list for a while. But what happens is that once the item becomes uncomfortable or extremely bothersome, it will move its way to the change list.

Sometimes it takes time to realize what the issue is that’s preventing you from taking action. It could be that it’s too expensive, not the right timing, or just not enough focus. Or it’s just not important enough. Sometimes you just have to do some research before you can take action to change.


The Change Process

Change takes time and there are specific phases you have to go through. This Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters is a unique way to look at a change process.

Review that vent list, see where your wellness fits in, and take those steps toward change.


Need help? Have questions? I’m here to make it easier. If you have questions, then let’s connect. I will help figure out what you need in order to become stronger and healthier version of yourself.