Three Simple Steps to a New You in the New Year

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It’s that time of year again. The time when we take steps to a new you in the new year. We make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, take better care of ourselves and set other personal and/or professional goals that we hope to achieve by this time next year.

Have you identified anything you want to change this year? Maybe it’s your weight, your habits or your mindset about fitness? Whether you have inches to lose, you want to prevent diabetes, lower your blood pressure or drop a size or two, change IS possible – and it can be easier than you think!


Change doesn’t have to be hard; it is simply about making a choice and then following through on that choice. Most people believe change has to be a struggle, because we expect certain things and sometimes we fail at achieving those expectations, and sometimes that causes us to give up. But there’s another option – sticking with it and succeeding. Change is something that can happen in an instant. According to author and professional speaker Tony Robbins, “It’s the preparation for change that takes time. In the end, there’s a single instant when change occurs.”

Here are three simple steps that you can use to make that change that creates a new you in the new year:


Step #1: Believe that SOMETHING must change.


Simply having a goal – to lose weight, for example – is superficial and will be disregarded the first time ‘life happens’ or challenges get in your way. You must associate your goal with something that means something to you, so ask the question, “Why is it important?” Do this for each goal you set, and ask the question about your goal as many as five times.


Step #2: Believe that YOU must change it.


     It is super important for you to realize that no one else can make this change or achieve this goal for you. It is YOUR responsibility to change something. Recognize what you have done up to this point that hasn’t worked for you, and find other ways to work toward the results you want. It is your choice, so you have to want the change enough to make it your personal mission and be personally responsible for it. In the end, you are the only one who can make this happen.

Step #3: Believe that you CAN change it.


Our minds are incredibly powerful – if you believe you can do something, you’re unstoppable. If you believe you can’t, you’ll find every reason to make sure it won’t work. It’s important to not let past failures get you down. Today is a new day and a fresh start! Use your past experiences to create a new plan that moves you forward one step at a time.

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If you’re not sure how to take these steps or what your new plan should look like, I can help. Just in time for the new year, I have a new program that is based on getting to the heart of what holds you back, and how you can break free from those things to move forward and create the changes you want. Together, we create a personal plan and focus on the things you can do on a day-to-day basis to work towards your goals. This includes removing obstacles, becoming educated and building new habits. We build on top of each habit, so you won’t be overwhelmed by trying to do everything all at once. If you want to find out more, you can do that here.


I wish you a Healthy, Fit and Happy New Year!



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