The Journey of Personal Growth

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In this world of email and social media, we’ve become accustomed to receiving things instantaneously, instead of having to wait. Sometimes, when we have to wait for something, it can make us anxious and impatient. As we head into the Christmas season and the start of a New Year, it’s natural to pause and consider what was – and what wasn’t – achieved over the past year, and how things can improve along our journey of personal growth.

And we’ll want those improvements to materialize right away. But there’s something we need to remember:

road to life's journey

Anything we try to achieve happens as part of a journey; it’s not a snap of the fingers, and the fact that it’s a journey is actually something that helps us. Let me explain…

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning, and your life was exactly as you dreamed?

What if:

  • your body looked the way you wanted,
  • your health was perfect in every way possible,
  • you were successful in your career, and
  • you had the family you always dreamed about?

Sure, you would be happy. But would you know how to maintain everything?

When we get to any point of achievement, it’s because of the actions we have taken. These actions reflect our current knowledge and experiences. Without the knowledge that is gained along the journey that impacts our actions and abilities, how could we ever get to certain points of achievement? If every opportunity was handed to us on a silver platter, we wouldn’t be able to learn from the process and appreciate the result that comes from the effort expended to generate those results.

If you want to achieve something, whether it’s healthy eating, changing your body shape, getting a promotion or something else entirely, you need to make changes, figure out what’s required to get there, and take each step. Along the way, you’ll learn what works (for you—because everyone is different), what doesn’t work, and you’ll grow as an individual.

I hope that during the holidays, you can take some time to reflect on your journey thus far and plan your next steps. Celebrate your successes, take the lessons you’ve received, and push forward.


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