3 Stretches you can do for HAPPY HIPS!

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A few simple stretches can make such a difference for how your body feels and functions. Chances are you have tight hips and you might not even know it! Your hips are one of those muscles groups that can become short and tight whether you sit most of the day or even if you are active and workout, regularly. Tightness in your hips can be the cause of back and knee pain. If you’ve been …

A Simple Start Process to Get Moving

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Stop scouring the internet looking for the perfect workout that will get your heart rate up, strengthen your body and get you losing those pesky pounds that are lingering in those places we really don’t want to mention. You have enough knowledge to get you started. Yes, you read that right. You can start right where you are today. Create Your Own Home Workouts! Not sure where to begin to build your own workout routine?  You …

Fitness When You’re on the Go

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You exercise regularly for months … but then you go on vacation, need to travel on a business trip, or just get caught up in the general insanity of life and those great routines you built go out the window. Sound familiar? Staying in shape when you’re busy is faster and easier than you think!   Two of the most common patterns I see as a fitness and nutrition coach are: Working hard to get …

Proper Exercise Form Can Eliminate Injuries

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It’s finally here—the first long weekend of the ‘summer.’ While it’s not ‘officially’ summer just yet, Victoria Day weekend is considered by many as the start of summer, as the temperatures continue to increase and the daylight stretches longer into the evening hours, giving us more energy and more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Why Fitness Testing is Important in Your Later Years

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With our average life expectancy increasing, our ability to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle into our later years will depend upon how well we maintain our personal fitness levels. As we age, it is increasingly important to pay attention to our physical condition so we will be able to do the things we want to do, without pain, for as long as possible. Functional Fitness  Functional fitness is defined as having the physical ability …

Build a Better Booty-pt 2

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[ut_two_thirds]  [/ut_two_thirds] [ut_one_third_last] Now that you know more about how to build that “bubble-butt” booty that is coveted by many, by reading Build a Better Booty, you now need to know which exercises you can perform to get it! Ok, let’s get serious. There are a variety of exercises you can do to help strengthen and tone those glutes. It’s great that there are different exercises you can choose from; that way you can switch …

Build a Better Booty-pt 1

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    Who Wants a Better Booty? So, you want to have that nice, tight, round booty, but you think it’s impossible to achieve, right? It feels like no matter how many of those squats you do, you’ll just never get that nice booty. Now is your chance to learn how to build a better booty.   What if I told you that making a simple change to how you perform those squats could make …

5 Quick tips to Start Solving Your Knee Pain

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One of the most common complaints I hear and have to deal with is knee issues. I’ve seen my clients suffer from knee pain and occasionally, I suffer from knee pain as well. There are different causes for the pain such as arthritis, being a flat foot (that’s me), overuse or weakness of the muscles that protect the joint. The good news is you can effectively treat most knee pain yourself. When we over-use muscles …