Core work shouldn’t make your neck hurt

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Picture this: you’re lying on the mat, aiming to reach your goal for crunches, you’re pumping them out fairly quickly and you think your form is pretty good… But even though you’re protecting  your head/neck, you’re feeling the strain… Cues for the Perfect Crunch A common complaint I hear from clients is their neck hurts during ab work. Some cues that can help put the focus where it needs to be in a crunch so …

vertical water training

A New Way to Train in Water

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Vertical Water Training… Have you ever heard of it? Got an idea what it could be? I had some ideas but I was in for something new to pique my interest and a new way to challenge my body while adding some variety to the everyday same ol’. If you were like me, I knew training in the water was good for your joints and people who suffer with arthritis but, honestly, I knew little …

Workout Tooklit

Ready, Set … Action

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Want to get moving and do it safely? Here’s a workout toolkit of information to get started. Our bodies are made for moving and if we don’t do that on a regular basis, we are setting ourselves up for mobility issues. Are you as active as you were when you were a kid or as a young adult? Unless your job is physical most people aren’t as active as they used to be and being …

Proper Exercise Form Can Eliminate Injuries

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It’s finally here—the first long weekend of the ‘summer.’ While it’s not ‘officially’ summer just yet, Victoria Day weekend is considered by many as the start of summer, as the temperatures continue to increase and the daylight stretches longer into the evening hours, giving us more energy and more time to enjoy the outdoors.

All Pain is not Bad

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Pain is something that we all experience, regardless of our age. Young, elderly, middle-aged or retired – our gut reaction to pain is that we want it to stop. (Have you ever heard the saying about the patient who told the doctor, “When I do this, it hurts,” and the doctor replied, “Then don’t do that!”?) People used to be told to rest if they were in pain; but the problem with that is if …

Abs Are Made In the Kitchen

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Most people think abs are made on the floor by performing countless sit-ups. While doing all that crunching and squeezing are good exercises that create a strong and thick rectus abdominis muscle, it’s impossible to have that coveted six-pack, flat-tummy result if you’re carrying too much body fat. There are two steps to getting those great abs, and while you do need to do exercises that strengthen and build all of the muscles in your …

Push-ups: Should you be doing them?

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Push-ups are one of the best exercises for the person just learning right through to the advanced person who has been training for years. There are so many variations that use different muscles that you will never get bored or run out of ways to progress them to keep you challenged. Push-ups are one of the greatest whole body exercises that should definitely be your go-to exercise for any workout. With that being said, for …