How to choose the best diet for you

What Makes it THE Best Diet?

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There are a few thoughts around what makes a diet great and I want to challenge some people’s way of thinking. “Does your diet truly work if you aren’t able to stay on it?” There are a couple of definitions of DIET 1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. “a vegetarian diet” 2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for …

Keeping Food Fresh – Tips from the Experts

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A while ago, I shared a post about how you can eat healthy on a budget. I shared things to look for while grocery shopping – and tips on buying healthy food on a budget. A lot of people ask me, as they did after reading that blog post, how they can make the foods last. Ever bought a food, get excited to enjoy it, only to see it go bad before you can use …

Resolutions or Renewed Focus

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I have been asked a couple of times but my New Year’s resolution is. I don’t think that I actually believe in New Year’s resolutions because what they imply. Expectations! I hate expectations and when you can lower them,  you can’t be let down. There is only what it is. I much prefer facing the sun and focusing on the things that I CAN do rather than berating myself for all the things that I …

Online Personal Training

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Are you looking to find out what online personal training is all about and whether it’s right for you? You’ve come to the right place! Online personal training is fast becoming the new fitness rage. In the grand scheme of things, it’s fairly new and it’s quickly gaining popularity. With the Covid 19 pandemic forcing everyone to rethink every interaction, switching to online training seems like a logical next step. More and more people are …

The Ultimate Guide to Dropping Those Last Stubborn Pounds

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… Without going the gym or needing any fancy equipment! I wish I had a magic wand to wave over all of my clients who want to lose those stubborn pounds. It would be like … poof, they’re gone and your jeans fit more comfortably!  Wouldn’t that be awesome! Since that magic wand doesn’t really exist, we need to find other magical ways to address the issue. So let’s keep it simple!  I have a …

10 Top Tips to Get Moving this Spring

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Next, to New Year’s, I’d say that Spring is the next most popular time when people think about getting fit.  We start to think about being outdoors more and wearing shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. To make your fitness regime more effective, I have Ten Tips covering what kind of goals to set, how to create an easy do-anywhere workout and how to fit it into your schedule. So many are looking to get …

Best Protein Bars in the World

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This has to be one of the best recipes in my whole world! Life can get really busy and making sure you are getting a healthy snack when you are busy can be a challenge, to say the least! I came up with the recipe by mixing a couple of recipes together and swapping some things out because I can’t eat a few things and I must say, it is so quick and easy to make. It …

Why is Sleep so Darn Important Anyway?

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The other day I created a post on Facebook asking people to like the comment if they got 8 hours sleep per night or comment if they got anything else. I was not surprised to find out that more than half of the people that commented had less than 8 hours sleep in a night. Those that did have less than 8 hours sleep said that it is something that is ongoing. To me, that’s …

Fitness When You’re on the Go

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You exercise regularly for months … but then you go on vacation, need to travel on a business trip, or just get caught up in the general insanity of life and those great routines you built go out the window. Sound familiar? Staying in shape when you’re busy is faster and easier than you think!   Two of the most common patterns I see as a fitness and nutrition coach are: Working hard to get …

Use This 1-2-3 Approach to Meal Prep

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  Many things can improve your kitchen “coolness”.  Use this 1-2-3 approach: The right equipment. A regular preparation system or ritual. A “can-do” attitude and willingness to experiment.   1. The Right Equipment Kitchen essentials make meal prep easier. Here are some must-have’s for your kitchen: Slow Cooker – Set it and forget it! You can easily make enough food for several meals in one batch, with only minimal prep time. Blender – Helps you …

10 Ways to Incorporate Accountability into Your Fitness & Health Goals

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Fitness goals. We all have them and sometimes we work on them and well, sometimes we don’t. Have you ever wondered why that is? You have these great intentions that this time is going to be different. You set up your goals, you write them down, and the first couple of days are great and you’re kicking butt… then what happens?