Your Training Plan for Your Feet

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Have you ever thought about the importance of our feet when it comes to how our body functions or lack of function? Our feet, and more specifically, the strength and flexibility we have in our feet, are directly related to how the rest of the body will function. Now that I’ve put the thought in your mind are you asking yourself, are your feet causing your pain? Our feet are our foundation. They are our …

3 Stretches you can do for HAPPY HIPS!

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A few simple stretches can make such a difference for how your body feels and functions. Chances are you have tight hips and you might not even know it! Your hips are one of those muscles groups that can become short and tight whether you sit most of the day or even if you are active and workout, regularly. Tightness in your hips can be the cause of back and knee pain. If you’ve been …

Are you suffering with chronic pain?

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Do you suffer from arthritis, chronic pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis? If you do, you have probably been coping the best you can, thinking the best you can hope for is dulling the pain while being on an ongoing battle. What would you say if I told you there was a treatment option, would you be interested in learning more or better yet, feeling the difference? Structural Integration could very well be the solution you’ve been …

Proper Exercise Form Can Eliminate Injuries

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It’s finally here—the first long weekend of the ‘summer.’ While it’s not ‘officially’ summer just yet, Victoria Day weekend is considered by many as the start of summer, as the temperatures continue to increase and the daylight stretches longer into the evening hours, giving us more energy and more time to enjoy the outdoors.

All Pain is not Bad

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Pain is something that we all experience, regardless of our age. Young, elderly, middle-aged or retired – our gut reaction to pain is that we want it to stop. (Have you ever heard the saying about the patient who told the doctor, “When I do this, it hurts,” and the doctor replied, “Then don’t do that!”?) People used to be told to rest if they were in pain; but the problem with that is if …

5 Quick tips to Start Solving Your Knee Pain

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One of the most common complaints I hear and have to deal with is knee issues. I’ve seen my clients suffer from knee pain and occasionally, I suffer from knee pain as well. There are different causes for the pain such as arthritis, being a flat foot (that’s me), overuse or weakness of the muscles that protect the joint. The good news is you can effectively treat most knee pain yourself. When we over-use muscles …