Core work shouldn’t make your neck hurt

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Picture this: you’re lying on the mat, aiming to reach your goal for crunches, you’re pumping them out fairly quickly and you think your form is pretty good… But even though you’re protecting  your head/neck, you’re feeling the strain… Cues for the Perfect Crunch A common complaint I hear from clients is their neck hurts during ab work. Some cues that can help put the focus where it needs to be in a crunch so …

vertical water training

A New Way to Train in Water

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Vertical Water Training… Have you ever heard of it? Got an idea what it could be? I had some ideas but I was in for something new to pique my interest and a new way to challenge my body while adding some variety to the everyday same ol’. If you were like me, I knew training in the water was good for your joints and people who suffer with arthritis but, honestly, I knew little …

A Simple Start Process to Get Moving

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Stop scouring the internet looking for the perfect workout that will get your heart rate up, strengthen your body and get you losing those pesky pounds that are lingering in those places we really don’t want to mention. You have enough knowledge to get you started. Yes, you read that right. You can start right where you are today. Create Your Own Home Workouts! Not sure where to begin to build your own workout routine?  You …

Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Being healthy and making healthy choices can help in so many ways beyond your physical appearance. If you are not paying attention to your eating habits and daily exercise you will have to deal with missed time from work due to frequent illness such as colds and flus, lack of energy or concentration, pain from joints and muscles like lower back pain, knee pain, neck pain, etc. and other more severe health concerns including high …

Not Everyone Works With a Personal Trainer for the Same Reasons

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The reasons to seek help from a personal trainer are different for everyone. How I train people will depend on why they’re coming to me. Each person’s goals are different and the things that THEY need to work on to reach their goals is going to be different from the next person. Not everyone needs to lose weight. Sometimes people need to gain muscle and strength. Last week I told you the story of Hala. …

Putting ‘Personal’ in Personal Training

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Everyone has a unique reason for reaching out to a personal trainer. And, in turn, I have a unique and personal approach with each one of my clients. We set customized and achievable goals.   I want to tell you about Hala. I met Hala last year. Her daughters were recently married and her son was attending university.  Her husband had recently had a health scare.   She told me she wanted to lose weight. In …

Tips to believe in

12 Days of Christmas Tips

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On the 12th day of Christmas, Coach Lisa gave to me … 12 easy tips to stay healthy … For the singers out there, you probably got caught up in the Christmas carol.  Through Facebook, I have shared 12 tips over the past 12 days to help you stay healthy during the festive season. Let me recap them here … they are not just for Christmas – you can apply them any time of year! …

Stretch & Grow

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Stretching is one of those things that you know you should do you just rarely ever do it. Stretching increases our flexibility which increases our range of motion and reduces our risk of injury. Why is stretching so important? Keeping a joint in the same position causes the muscles and ligaments to stiffen, and with lack of movement, your muscles will shorten and become tight. This can be avoided with good flexibility to the muscles …

Body Shaming – Are you sure you aren’t guilty of it?

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Do you ever notice how things just kinda show up when you need to read them ( or see them, hear them, whatever)? Today is one of those days and this just happened to show up in my newsfeed: “Sometimes you gotta keep it real. When you grow up, you realize that being an adult means confronting truths that are often unpalatable. For instance: There is no Santa Claus, some people are just poopyheads, and …

10 Ways to Incorporate Accountability into Your Fitness & Health Goals

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Fitness goals. We all have them and sometimes we work on them and well, sometimes we don’t. Have you ever wondered why that is? You have these great intentions that this time is going to be different. You set up your goals, you write them down, and the first couple of days are great and you’re kicking butt… then what happens?

HIIT Workouts for Beginners

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So you want to know more about HIIT training! Doing HIIT workouts (HIITs) can be a great way to get your cardiovascular training in, while also building muscle. The acronym stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and if you’re just starting to use this type of training in your fitness plan, it’s important to make sure you are consistently keeping proper form in order to avoid causing any injuries. Start with what you know! It’s also a good …