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Sleep! It’s Important!

Lisa Austin Blogs, Mindset to Body

SLEEP! It’s one of those things that most think isn’t important.

You don’t need me to tell you how amazing a great night’s sleep is.  It can make or break your entire day.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly had mornings when my first thought was “I wonder if I can get a nap today?!”

Sleep has INCREDIBLE health benefits so it shouldn’t be overlooked. The quality of your sleep has an immediate impact on your mood, energy levels, ability to concentrate and focus, and creativity.

But, it also has its long-term benefits…. like decreasing stress levels, reducing inflammation, lowering your risk for depression, and helping you live longer. How? During the restorative stage of sleep, blood pressure drops, breathing slows down, blood flow moves to the muscles and tissue is repaired, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Hormones, such as the human growth hormone, are secreted at this time as well.

Research has even shown that if you’re trying to lose weight, getting enough sleep is KEY. We need at least 7-9 hours a night. Your cortisol should be at its lowest around 10-12 pm so you can wind down the system, ready to rest and restore the body. It’s during this time melatonin is being produced and tells your body it’s time to sleep. It’s when you are sleeping when the human growth hormone, which is considered the ‘Fountain of Youth’ hormone, is being released. It makes you stronger, leaner, fitter, more immune with better skin. Sounds fabulous right? I want more of that!

The only way to get it is to get your Zzzz’s.

Reduced Sleep= Reduced Growth Hormone

The average daily recommended amount of sleep is 7 hours a night.   According to the American Sleep Association, between 50 and 70 million US adults have some sort of a sleeping disorder.

As much as you’d like to grab a pillow and take a power nap during the day, that’s just not realistic for most of us… so it’s more important than ever to do the things that are in your power to make sure you get in that quality sleep at night instead.

Sometimes getting sleep can be a challenge and making a few simple changes can make all the difference in the world. Depending on the demands you find yourself under, taking a closer look at other underlying reasons you aren’t able to drift into a blissful sleep can help. Sometimes, there are things you can do to balance your hormones easily at home and sometimes, a trip to the doctor may be in order.

Wouldn’t it be great if you would set your goal this week is to get a minimum of 7 hours of solid sleep each night!

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