Resolutions or Renewed Focus

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I have been asked a couple of times but my New Year’s resolution is. I don’t think that I actually believe in New Year’s resolutions because what they imply.


I hate expectations and when you can lower them,  you can’t be let down. There is only what it is.

I much prefer facing the sun and focusing on the things that I CAN do rather than berating myself for all the things that I have not been able to accomplish, yet and letting the shadows fall behind me.

I’m not sure where we come up with these different expectations that we put on ourselves. I wonder how much of it comes from headlines or exceptional cases we see on TV or social media and we try to hold ourselves accountable to those ideals or ideas.

When it comes to our health and fitness, there is no one size fits all. Every BODY is different and if we start to compare ourselves to someone else, we are setting expectations. Even if you have the same parents, you have a different history and your path is going to be different to reach your goals.

What if we lower our expectations?

We can set our expectations and choose how we view our circumstances. Really and truly.

I wanna say it’s human nature to compare ourselves to those around us. Everyone does it whether they will admit it or not. When we are in a situation, we look around to see how we stack up. If we feel like we are equal or better than others, then we will feel good about ourselves. If we perceive ourselves to be lacking in some way, then we are UNSURE and that uncertainty can play games with our self-esteem.

If we can stop focusing on what others COULD be thinking or WHAT they currently are doing, or COMPARING ourselves to someone’s highlight reels… we can focus on the actions we need to take that will ultimately help us reach our goals… whatever they happen to be.

I used to compare myself to others and I felt TERRIBLE! I always thought I wasn’t doing enough, I wasn’t doing it right, and I could do better if only I could do more.

Talk about negative conversations I had with myself!  

Sooo… Instead of resolutions, I choose to look at things I can do today… What’s one thing I can do that will make the day a success?

Renewed Focus!

Renew your focus on your goal or goals. You have control over where you get information and finding reputable sources can go a long way to keeping you motivated as you achieve your goals.

Progress is progress, right? If you take a whole bunch of steps in the direction of your goal, you will eventually reach it. Some days, your strides may be longer than others.

Need some help?

Learning how to navigate all the noise and continue to work towards your goals when your body is changing can be tough. I can help through coaching. If you would like to learn more about healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes—in a way that’s personalized for your unique body, preferences, and circumstances—consider It Fits Me. Contact me to learn more.

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