Protein Powder – Don’t Just Drink It; Eat It!

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Protein powder – it’s a common ingredient in shakes or smoothies, but did you know that there are many other ways to use protein powder?

Not only can you use protein powder in other recipes instead of just drinking it, but there are many items you can make in advance and have on-hand for those days when life tosses you something unexpected and you need a quick snack or some healthy options to toss into your lunch bag, but are short on time.

Protein bars are a great example. They are a nutritious snack that will keep you feeling full and reduce temptations to grab low-nutrient, high-calorie snacks. Here’s a great recipe for protein bars that doesn’t even require baking – how easy is that?!

No-Bake Chocolate Protein Bars

protein bars


Protein Pudding

If you eat yogurt, you can use protein powder to make pudding! Simply add a scoop of the powder to the yogurt, and mix well. Chocolate protein powder mixed with plain yogurt is a tasty treat. You can make a bunch of it at the same time and separate into portion-sized plastic containers so you can grab them anytime – especially when you’re craving a sweet, chocolaty indulgence!

Protein Pancakes

Add whey or protein powder to your bowl when you make pancakes. A scoop or two (depending on how many you’re making) is all you need to punch up the flavour and nutrients in your pancakes.

Power Packed Oatmeal

Eat oatmeal for breakfast? Make your oatmeal (steel cut or rolled oats) with water, then stir in some of your favourite protein powder – make sure to mix it really well.

Sweet Potato Protein Muffins

If you enjoy muffins, try this protein-rich sweet potato version. This is another great option to have for grab-and-go eating, whether you’re busy at home, at work or running errands.



Feel free to get creative and try adding protein powder to other foods, too – and don’t forget to share what you come up with! It’s always great to share recipes and ideas with others.


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