Over 40? Try These 3 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

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I founded my business, It Fits Me, to help women lose weight in order to live their best lives. My philosophy is that we should keep it as simple as possible and that stems from my belief that truly good health depends on the power of three: mind, body, and soul. 

It’s simple really. Living healthier and happier depends on what you consume, what you do, and what you think. It’s energy cubed.

Today, I have another power of three for you, to help you stay in the right mindset to achieve your health goals: 

Here are the three keys to motivating yourself:

Embrace Optimism: Get Positive About Your Weight Loss Journey…

Many of us women over the age of 40 have a hard time coping with our thoughts and feelings when we look at our bodies in the mirror. 

Is it even possible to lose weight, as well as become healthier, once we reach 40 and beyond? Absolutely!

Start with getting positive about weight loss – because attitude really is everything. Research shows that happiness increases productivity. Happy people are more successful. Do you know the first tool the military teaches to toughen up recruits? Combat skills? Nope. It’s optimism. Believing in your ability to succeed motivates winning.

Let go of negativity and stop being so hard on yourself, seriously! Celebrate your wins… as often as you can! Nothing is more motivating than progress. You’ve got to be your own best cheerleader when you’re on a weight loss journey.

Try thinking of losing weight as a game. Every day you’re dealing with players and strategies for winning. Lighten up and enjoy the process. Games are fun and life should be too. 

Positive energy makes you open to possibility and it allows you to embrace opportunity. 

Change how you look at failure. Sure, failures are an inevitable part of life but how you handle those failures can change your outcome. Having a positive outlook can help you turn negative experiences into learning opportunities. 

“Face the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.” You can’t go backward, only forward. Keep looking for what is going to work for you. You can’t change the past but you can learn from it. Your mindset matters. Seeing the upside is key to motivating yourself to lose weight and to move one step closer to the happy, healthy life you deserve. So get started by getting positive! 

We women rock as we reach our years of wisdom and full potential.

Celebrate your Journey: Reward Yourself for Healthy Living Over the Age of 40…

75% of what we do is motivated by the promise of rewards. Surprised? Research shows that three-quarters of why we do things is based on rewards because rewards feel good. Rewards account for 75% of personal motivation toward accomplishment. This is particularly important in weight loss and it’s important to find non-food rewards so you don’t undo all your progress while celebrating.

I’m not talking about prizes here, though I do believe in celebrating our successes. There is nothing wrong with promising yourself a trip to the mountains, a new pair of shoes, or a fun girls night out once you reach your goal. But rewards don’t need to be big or even special to motivate you. They only need to be enjoyable. If it makes you happy, guess what! It’s a reward.

Dinner with your partner, a walk with your dog, a relaxing bath, an hour with a good book, time to journal…all of these things are rewards. And they are already available to you.

I think that’s a real key. Recognize the little blessings in your life and use them to motivate yourself. Practicing gratitude will help you find the rewards in your life. Then you can use those rewards to win your happy, healthy life.

Don’t Do it Alone: Find a Weight Loss Buddy

Support is essential to motivation. We all want to be self-sufficient but the truth is that nothing can replace the support, encouragement, and accountability we get from friends. Support motivates. It’s as simple as that.

Surround yourself with people who are doing or trying to do what you are doing and it gets a whole lot easier to stay on track. People join groups that are focused on change because being surrounded by people with a common goal makes attaining that goal seem a lot more possible. 

Have you ever thought, “I should be able to lose weight on my own.” or “If I only had more willpower, I could reach my weight loss goal.”? I tried to lose weight many times on my own, but when I finally acknowledged that I didn’t have all the answers and I needed help was when I started losing weight and, finally, keeping it off. 

That’s why I created It Fits Me and my Simply Getting Fit Facebook community so that like-minded women, focused on living a happier, healthier life, could make it fit with me and with each other.

Having a support system really is a game-changer.

Surrounding yourself with other healthy people is probably the strongest and most straightforward path to changing your own habits. This is called “the science of friendship.”

Research proves that over time you develop the eating, health, and work habits of the people around you. That means if you choose high energy, healthy, successful, happy friends, you’re more likely to lose weight and live healthier and happier too. So get yourself some quality friends and start working toward your best self!

Now, put it to use: 

You now have my three tips for staying motivated and finding the encouragement you need to accomplish your health goals. The only thing stopping you is you – and you have the tools to overcome even your biggest obstacles.

Need some help?

Learning how to navigate all the noise and continue to work towards your goals when your body is changing can be tough. I can help. If you would like to learn more about healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes—in a way that’s personalized for your unique body, preferences, and circumstances—consider It Fits Me. Contact me to learn more.