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Are you looking to find out what online personal training is all about and whether it’s right for you? You’ve come to the right place!

Online personal training is fast becoming the new fitness rage. In the grand scheme of things, it’s fairly new and it’s quickly gaining popularity. With the Covid 19 pandemic forcing everyone to rethink every interaction, switching to online training seems like a logical next step. More and more people are turning to Google and social media platforms looking for a way to keep moving.

Being confined to our homes we need to rethink how we interact with those around us. Training at home has never been so easy AND convenient with the use of our computers and mobile devices.

Not sure how exactly it works? Got questions like, “What is online training, exactly?”, “How does online training work?”, and “What’s in it for me?”

I aim to answer all these questions for you here so keep reading.

“What is online personal training, exactly?”

Online personal training is the most flexible, cost-effective way to have a coach in your corner. It’s a plan and support as you work towards your fitness and health goals!
One of my mentors, Jon Goodman, founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center and the Online Trainer Academy, puts it this way:

“Online training is a new and exciting way for me to offer my clients what they need, when they need it, without the limitations and expenses of the gym so that I can offer a better, and more cost effective, service than an in-person trainer.”

Gone are the days that you have to take out a second mortgage for a drill sergeant to yell at you as you sweat it out at the gym. I’m only kidding about the second mortgage but you get my meaning. 😉

“How does online personal training work?”

training app

Online personal training can be different things to different people. It can be as simple as regular emails with your coach, or more in-depth and interactive with the use of specialized apps. Some coaches, like myself, will couple the use of apps with live video coaching sessions to keep the personal in personal training. 

With the addition of webcams and video, hybrid coaching programs are becoming more popular for those wanting the regular connection to your coach. It’s 1-on-1 virtual training sessions in the comfort of your own living room. With more things being remote so you can still have the person to person interaction.

“What’s in it for me?”

You decided it’s time to make changes and finally start putting your health first, being able to have a coach in your corner will go a long way to ensure your success. The best part is it’s easier than you think.

Every coach will do things a little different but each of us will bring a detailed training plan, a kick in the butt, accountability and guidance tailored to your success.

exercise and nutrition
I like to look at the whole picture; your nutrition, how you’re moving, and also your recovery. You and your goals are unique so to help you achieve your goals we have to look at each of those aspects.
With my coaching programs, besides on-going personal support from me throughout the month, you get customized workouts created specifically for you and your goals. Whether you go to a commercial gym, have simple equipment like a couple of free weights, or nothing at all, I’ve got you covered. Your plan is tailored to your preferences and equipment on hand.
Exercise is only one aspect of online personal training. My programs also include habit-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching where we make small – but powerful – changes one habit at a time. Your nutrition and recovery practices need to be sufficient enough to support your fitness and aesthetic goals. Each of them are pieces that fit together the create a complete program for your ultimate results
I don’t give prescribed meal plans as they don’t help you in the long term. Instead, I will teach you how to make healthy choices and help you find what works for you from the foods you like to eat. But, I will share a variety of recipes that you can add to your Healthy-YOU Toolbox for years to come.
With online coaching, you also get on-going personal support from me throughout the month. The level of communication ranges from e-mail and in-app text messaging for my most basic plan, to unlimited voice messaging, texting, and video sessions for my most “high-ticket” plan.
So, you’re basically getting a friendly virtual kick in the ass, access to personalized coaching and support, plus all the know-how you need to rock your fitness goals – whatever they may be.

Wondering, is online training for you?

Busy schedule?

Managing your busy schedule juggling family, work, and your workouts can definitely be a challenge. With online personal training, scheduling is a non-issue because you aren’t trying to fit into someone else’s calendar. If you have only 30 mins on days you’re working, we can make that happen

No Gym, No Problem

Not everyone has access to a gym or wants the restriction of one. Having the freedom to do your workouts wherever you choose makes it easier to stick to your training plan. Coaches like me are able to build a training plan for you that is both interesting and challenging using the equipment you have to work with.
Working out at home can be challenging and fun!
home exercise

You’re on a budget

Online personal training is a fraction of the cost of in-person training and its accessible to more people. Hiring a coach can fast-track your results without putting a strain on your wallet.
Your coach is only a message way if you need clarification or some motivation to get you over a hump. No waiting until your next session to have you questions answered.

Who is online personal training NOT for?

If you are the type of person that needs an appointment with your trainer make sure you are getting your workout in then maybe the online personal training option isn’t for you.
That’s Ok… It’s not for everyone. You will need to be able to commit to your plan and show up consistently to see results.
If you are just starting and new to exercise then online training may need to be your second choice. Invest in a couple of sessions with a personal trainer so you can learn proper form for the foundation exercises and then you can transition to online training.
I hope that answers any questions that you may have about what online training is or isn’t. Like me, there are so many great coaches online that are ready to help people move, feel and look better.

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