More than 20 Benefits to Exercise!!

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Most people associate exercise with weight loss and muscle gain, but it does so much more than that. Do you want a benefit of exercise? How about more than 20 benefits to exercise? Some of the things exercising can do will have a positive impact on your life.

More than 20 Benefits to Exercise:

1. You’ll be less stressed.

You have enough stress in your life. Exercising not only provides a good reason to take a break; a good workout will invigorate your muscles, leaving you relaxed and invigorated.
2. You’ll have more energy.

Numerous research studies have proven that exercise increases energy levels in sedentary patients. Make sure you get moving and work those muscles, especially if your work involves a lot of sitting. If you feel tired or sluggish, you can fight fatigue with exercise!

3. You’ll reset your body.

Exercise is like hitting a giant reset button for your entire body. It will block appetite swings, improve your mood and even help you get a good night’s sleep.

4. Your clothes will fit better.

Consistent exercise will tone and tighten your body. As a result, your clothes will fit better and also look nicer; you’ll also end up trading in your clothes for smaller sizes!

5. You’ll burn calories.

Fight back by burning loads of calories with fat-blasting workouts. When you burn those calories, they won’t end up finding places to stay on your body, resulting in weight gain.

6. You’ll be less likely to binge.

Exercise has a powerful anti-binge effect on the body. This is partially due to an increase in the body’s sensitivity to leptin, a protein hormone that helps tame the appetite.

7. You’ll be stronger.

With regular exercise, your muscle strength and endurance will be improved, and you’ll notice the difference everyday. Difficult tasks will become easier and you’ll be able to do more for longer periods of time.

8. You’ll have fun.

Exercise can be extremely enjoyable. Try to find a type of exercise that you like. If you have trouble doing this, find your inner child and explore different activities you enjoyed until you find something physical that you’ll like.

9. You’ll reduce your blood pressure.

Exercise has been proven to be more effective than medication in reducing high blood pressure back to normal levels. A single workout has been shown to reduce blood pressure for the entire day, and regular exercise routines have been shown to reduce overall blood pressure over extended periods of time.

10. You’ll lose the jiggles.

Regular exercise will tighten those flabby arms, legs and waistlines by developing the muscles below and burning excess calories to eliminate excess pounds.

 11. You’ll be more confident.

When your body becomes more fit and you see what you can do with your body as it gets stronger, you’ll be proud of yourself and your confidence – both in your body and your abilities – will skyrocket.

 12. You’ll increase insulin sensitivity.

Researchers at Laval University in Quebec discovered that exercise dramatically improves insulin sensitivity. Peak after-meal insulin levels dropped by more than 20 percent after as little as three weeks of consistent exercise.

13. You’ll sleep better.

Exercise is a powerful sleep aid. Your tired muscles encourage your body to quickly fall asleep so they can get their overnight repair work done.

14. You’ll feel great.

Vigorous exercise releases natural endorphins (happy hormones) into your bloodstream that dissolve pain and anxiety. If you’ve heard of the “runner’s high,” this is a “natural high” that can be achieved by performing any solid workout.

15. You’ll lower your risk of heart disease.

Regular exercise strengthens your heart and makes it more resilient against disease. A sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for heart disease, so consistent exercise is your best ally against it.

16. You’ll lower your risk of diabetes.

Studies show that exercising as little as half an hour each day can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes. If you are at risk of developing diabetes, or have already been diagnosed, regular exercise is the most effective treatment for reversing the disease.

17. You’ll improve your BMI.

Consistent exercise is the best way to keep your BMI under control.

18. You’ll meet new people.

Gyms, studios, boot camps, parks and even the jogging trail are great places to meet people who share some of your interests and are also trying to get or stay fit. You can make new friends and have people to help you stay on the right track with your fitness goals.

19. You’ll increase your endurance.

Even been out of breath after walking up the stairs or walking any distance? Regular exercise will build your endurance and make those things much easier.

20. Your doctor will be impressed.

If your doctor has been telling you that you need to get more exercise, just doing it can help you finally get your doctor off your back – and you won’t have to see him as often because your health will be improved.

21. You’ll look amazing.

If you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror, it’s exercise that will help your body change for the better. You can’t see change if you don’t put in some effort, but with consistent exercise, you’ll be able to see changes in all the right places within just a few weeks of starting an exercise regimen.

So, what are you waiting for? With all these benefits to enjoy by exercising, get those shoes laced up and get moving!

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