Love Your Lunch – Quick, Simple & Healthy Lunch Ideas

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Are you Ready to start loving your lunches?

Not sure what to make for lunch? Tired of the same old choices? Whether you take your lunch to work, grab lunch while you’re on the go or eat at home, there are lunches you can make that are healthy and tasty, and don’t require a lot of detailed preparation.

Here are a few examples for you to try.

[ut_two_thirds] Salad In a Jar: Toss your favourite salad ingredients into a jar, seal with the lid and store in the fridge. As long as they’re refrigerated, these mini-salads will stay fresh for up to a week, so you can make a few different varieties for instant lunches throughout the week. Check out this link for a variety of recipes. [/ut_two_thirds] [ut_one_third_last]o-MASON-JAR-SALAD-facebook [/ut_one_third_last]


Tuna Salad (with a twist!): Make some tuna salad, but use cottage cheese instead of the mayo – you’ll get extra protein, less fat and lots of flavour! Add seasoning like Mrs. Dash or some dill. Skip the bread and spread it on pepper wedges, celery sticks or even a sturdy leaf of romaine lettuce.


Cottage Cheese (mixed up!): One of my recently discovered favourites is cottage cheese mixed in equal parts with Greek yogurt. Filling and full of protein, I’ve used it with fruit with fruit for breakfast or a mid-morning snack, but but I also enjoy it at lunch with some chopped cucumber and tomato.


Wraps: A great way to have a healthy lunch while you’re on the go is by making a wrap. Use a corn tortilla instead of the flour version and wrap it around turkey, ham or chicken; add some avocado and tomato, and for the crunch factor, some lettuce and cucumber. Some homemade salad dressing or a small squeeze of mustard can amp up the flavours.


[ut_two_thirds] Kabobs: These are great on the grill in the summer, and a single skewer can give you the right amount of protein and veggies. Cook them up the night before and use them the next day on top of some mixed greens, or on a bed of quinoa or brown rice. Or, wrap them up in a tortilla with a bit of homemade salad dressing. [/ut_two_thirds] [ut_one_third_last]kabob-925586_1280 [/ut_one_third_last]


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