How Will Your Summer Sizzle?

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The Victoria Day weekend – widely referred to as May Two-Four – has finally arrived. It’s the weekend we all wait for during those long, cold, dreary and snow-filled winter days. While the weekend means different things to different people, and the weather may or may not be warm and sunny, it’s often considered to be the start to the summer (even though according to the calendar, summer doesn’t officially start for another month or so).


As the gear-up for summer begins, it’s worth considering what you want to experience this year. What do you want to have happen this summer that may be different from last year? How do you want to make your summer sizzle?

[ut_two_thirds] Just over a year ago, I decided I was going to follow my dream. I knew I needed a change and I wasn’t happy with my life. I started taking steps to start my own personal training business to help others get fit and live healthier lifestyles. I had made this change myself and realized that it was my dream to help other people benefit from being fit. [/ut_two_thirds] [ut_one_third_last]



I’m proud to say that by making that decision, I’ve been a positive role model for my children. They, too, realized that if you aren’t happy, you don’t have to stay stuck – you can take control and change what you’re experiencing! One of my boys has followed his heart and is making a living in Alberta, where he is able to enjoy everything the trails and mountains have to offer. My other son is will be working as a ‘carnie’ this summer, which will allow him to travel the country and experience new places and new people. How cool is that?
trail-riding[/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last]


What do you want to make happen this year? What choices can you make and what steps can you take to create the change or the experience you desire? We all make our own choices – it’s that simple. What will your choice be? Just believe it and then achieve it. We change our worlds by choice, not by chance.[/ut_one_half_last]

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