Here's how to restart and refocus

How to Restart and Refocus

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Have you fallen off your exercise wagon? Do you find yourself starting to lapse back into old habits and routines that move you farther away from your fitness goals?

Don’t worry—you aren’t alone. It’s easy to step off the path and there are many reasons this can happen. Finding reasons—or, excuses—to not exercise or to not eat healthy isn’t a difficult thing to do. It could happen in a single moment, or be the result of a longer process, such as an illness, vacation, health problems, changes at work or in your schedule, or other issues you’re experiencing in your day-to-day life. When something like that happens, you surrender; you give in. This could be the moment when you grab that comfort food or eat something you know you shouldn’t, but do anyway; it could be a repeated moment every day when you choose not to exercise, or when you choose the cookie instead of the carrot sticks. This is the lowest and worst part of the cycle, where you have abandoned your expectations and your goals. Not only do you stop moving toward those goals, but the progress you’ve made is slowly but consistently lost. The weight comes back; the unhealthy feelings return and that makes you feel worse than you felt when you stopped exercising or ate that cookie. You feel negative and defeated.

Here’s how to Restart and Refocus

Once you get to this point, you can use that frustration as fuel to turn things back around and regain your control over your health and fitness! This is when you can grab those reigns and get back on the wagon. When doing this, you need to consider a couple of important things:


  • What Are Your Priorities?

Create a list of your priorities that includes healthy guidelines for your diet, and a regular workout schedule that will work for you. When you fit something into your schedule easily, it won’t seem as difficult to follow through with doing it. Just as important, is setting specific and realistic goals for yourself, with a timeframe for achieving them. Your list of priorities may change; don’t beat yourself up about this. As life changes and as you progress and make achievements, you’ll need to make adjustments. This isn’t a bad thing—as long as you make the adjustments and don’t stop altogether!

  • What Is Your Why?

Remind yourself why you wanted to improve your level of fitness and overall health. Did you have a specific goal in mind, like fitting into a certain article of clothing, or being able to chase your kids around the yard, or finally signing up for that fitness challenge event you’ve always wanted to complete? Maybe you just want to improve your overall health. The “bigger picture” of why you want to get fit is just as important as setting those smaller, achievable goals that are part of your priority list. It will remind you of your bigger purpose and keep you motivated to reach those smaller—but important—achievements along the way.

  • Get a Coach!

Have you ever wondered why the most successful people have coaches? Because they keep you focused on the prize (whatever that is for you)! It’s easy to let priorities slip by the wayside when life gets hectic. There will always be times when self-doubt creeps in and having someone in your corner supporting you, sets you up for success and fast tracking your results! We have limited attention spans with all the information coming at us from all directions, a trained coach will be able to give you the information that is relevant to you, saving you time, unnecessary frustration and stress.


Only you can take care of yourself, so put yourself back on your priority list! You are worth it! If it seems daunting or you’re not sure how to restart, call or email me below and we can get started on an exercise program that not only fits your life, but will change your life (not to mention your body!). Life will always give you an excuse to stop working toward your goals, but it’s up to you to fight to accomplish what you truly want.


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