Halt the Hangry's. . . Like a Boss

Halt the Hangry's - Like a Boss

For professional moms who want to do it all and look good doing it!

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It’s one thing to crave a big meal or a bottomless bag of your favorite snack. It’s another to be so famished that you are irritable and overreact to life's minor annoyances.

That’s the difference between being hungry and being “hangry,” a clever combo of “hungry” and “angry” that doesn't feel good.

...But you aren’t sure how to change it.

This is for you if you:

  • Feel the afternoon hangry's... frequently
  • Constantly battling hunger desire to eat healthy
  • Ready to abandon your fitness goals altogether
  • Know that your fitness goals are going to be affected by the foods you do or do not eat.
  • Know that skipping meals and getting hangry isn’t good for you, long-term and if left unchecked, it can affect more than just your relationships.
I've already tried so much and failed, and I wondered why this time would be any different? But thankfully, it is and as a result, for the first time, I feel confident than I've ever felt about my nutrition.

Hi, I'm Lisa

Controlling your hunger can sometimes feel like an endless battle. You’re doing your best and then life happens...

...Again and you're ready to eat anything within sight.

With my help, women break sugar binge cycles, finally put an end to dieting, all without feeling miserable.

If you’re curious about how shifting some of your food choices and a few slight changes to your routines can help you reach your fitness goals, you're in the right spot.


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