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Learning anything takes time, patience and practice.  Too often, we have such high expectations of ourselves that we have a tendency to beat ourselves up for not being able to do something on the first try or the way we’d like to.

Do you remember learning how to walk? Maybe not. But I bet you’ve seen a child learn how to walk. How do they do? It takes so much out them to take one or two steps before they fall. I bet it’s pretty tiring. And yet, they keep trying and we keep encouraging them.  Look at how long it takes for young ones to be proficient. They keep going because they want to be like the ‘big’ people. They want to get around and do things –  have some freedom. So they are determined to walk.

Keep in mind that their bodies are changing and growing. They have to keep adapting to a different body. The determination and learning are ongoing.

I think that’s a great analogy that you could put into context for learning anything new – for me, it’s marketing strategies; for you, maybe it’s learning a new language, learning new responsibilities of a job, setting new routines, figuring out a new app … it could be anything.

The first step is always to learn the basics and then practice. The next step is to learn a little more and then become proficient. From there, you start to learn shortcuts and how to handle different situations. YOUR perspective is going to be different than the next person. We all learn differently.


Here are some key areas to learning …

  • It takes time. If you don’t struggle, you don’t get a chance to appreciate your success when it happens. When you try something new and fail a time or two, success is that much sweeter.
  • Be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to learn, practice, and later become proficient. There are lots of ways to do things and what works for me, may not work for you. Find a way that fits for you.
  • In order to do anything, you need to learn the basics. As you get better and more efficient, you can start to incorporate new things or take your goals to new levels. You will never know if you like something if you don’t try. And, if you find something you like, you never know how good you can be until you work at it.
  • In the beginning, it is more work. Be kind and keep it simple. Don’t try to do too much at once or you are setting yourself up for overwhelm. When you get overwhelmed, you will want to quit.

So let’s keep wellness simple together.  I develop my programs to build your health and fitness foundation. I make it simple. We tackle one thing at a time. You get time to practice and you get support.  They’re designed to fit your lifestyle.

I have listened, watched and learned. I wanted to make sure clients like you know what to do and how to eat.

Take the first step, click on the link below, and connect with me.

~ Lisa


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