For all the moms

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for all the moms


I may be a bit biased, but seriously: What would we do without moms?




Moms give their all for everyone around them, usually while putting themselves on the backburner and maintaining the perspective that something or someone else is more important. They make sure everything runs smoothly; they keep everything clean and usually cook the most delicious meals! (But in some houses – mine included – the hubby gets all the credit!)

Moms often work full-time during the day, then come home and continue to work full-time around the house, making sure their children and families have whatever they need. It is ingrained in us mothers that it is our place to take care of others, which is fine, but who is going to take care of us? We need our health and peace of mind to maintain our overall well-being and our abilities to do everything we need to do each day.

Mothers also need to recognize that we are role models for the next generation. Where did you learn about health and fitness? I learned about nutrition from my mom and my grandma, and I will be the first to say that I was very badly misinformed. I have since learned how to eat to support my health and fitness goals, and now I teach my mom, my family and my clients how to do the same. In our society, everything is marketed to us as something that will ‘make our lives easier,’ but that’s not always the case, and in some instances, it promotes things that can have a very negative effect on our health.


Here are a few recommendations to help moms live their lives to the fullest:

  • Put yourself first! Once you are the best you can be, you are in a better position to take care of everyone else.
  • Eat whole foods! Seriously, it doesn’t take that much more energy to chop some fresh veggies, and it will save you money when you buy groceries.
  • Exercising will give you more energy, keep you fit and strong and eliminate pain. This is excellent ‘you time’ that can be used to work off frustrations, and you’ll be able to fit in your favourite clothes and know you look great!

Health and wellness starts at home. Mothers are often interested in taking the time to get fit, but don’t feel like they’re entitled to the time or the investment in a personal trainer who can help them.


Let’s all love and support our moms. They always give when they need and deserve to receive, which will allow them to give more without depleting their own energies.

If you’re still looking for that special Mother’s Day gift, consider a gift card for two weeks of in-home, customized personal training. Send me a message or give me a call to grab one for your mom!

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