Ever wondered what it would be like to have a Trainer?

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Do you get nervous about doing something new? I do. I’ve heard its instinct because you don’t know if you are headed into danger so your senses are heightened and you are on alert. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about walking into life or death situations in this century but there was a need for it at one time for our survival. Now, that feeling is just to keep us on our toes. 😉

Lately, I’ve heard questions like:

‘Will I be exercising for the full hour?’
‘What should I expect?’
I have injuries so I can’t workout my whole body, right?

I like to know what to expect when I’m about to try something new so I thought I would share my process with you.

Every trainer is going to be a little different about how they train their clients and I find I train different clients slightly different depending on their goals and their experience level but you will always start with a warm-up, end with a cool-down, and the meat is what’s in the middle. There’s a lot that happens during that hour and it isn’t all intense work.

A trainer will make sure you are doing all the repetitions in your sets correctly maximizing the effectiveness of the exercise by giving you cues so you know how to focus your thoughts and energy. Your body will find the easiest way to complete a movement. If you aren’t performing the exercises correctly, using the proper form you are setting yourself up for injury instead of preventing it.

During our initial consultation, we will get to know each other a little better. We will discuss any injuries you may have and any existing health issues I should be aware of. We will go into some depth about your goals; setting them, planning them, and when the time comes, reviewing them. Injuries are taken into consideration when programs are created and can be worked around. Depending on the issue, exercise can help relieve some the pain you experience. Establishing and documenting the starting point can be embarrassing to some but you need to know where you are starting from in order to know how far you’ve come. Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m here to help you.

It’s not about where you start but how you finish.


What’s a Typical Workout

[ut_one_third] A warm-up takes between 5-10 minutes. You are lubricating your joints and moving the muscles that you will be exercising and slowly increasing your heart rate. It prepares your body for what’s to come. If anything pains you, you will notice once you start moving. [/ut_one_third] [ut_two_thirds_last] 4 [/ut_two_thirds_last]


[ut_one_half_last] The main portion of the workout will depend on your goals and what form of exercise you are doing. I teach you how to properly perform the various exercises to prevent any injuries, strengthen weak muscles, and to address any imbalances you may have. If you have muscles not doing their job, you will also have other muscles working overtime trying to do all the work. That’s when you have pain or worse, when injuries happen. The exercise program will be different depending on whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat. Performing various exercises will incorporate your whole body to keep things challenging and engaging. [/ut_one_half_last]


[ut_one_third] The cooldown portion is just that, time to cool down. You will slowly bring your heart rate and your breathing back down to normal. This is also when you will foam roll and stretch those tired muscles to help minimize the soreness you feel later. [/ut_one_third] [ut_two_thirds_last] 5[/ut_two_thirds_last]

When I worked out with a trainer for the first time I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I knew how to use the machines at the gym but I didn’t know how to use the free weights at the time. Having someone make sure I was doing the exercise correctly helped me gain the confidence I needed. Now I train clients how to get fit and gain the confidence they need.

Are you ready to start working with a trainer?

Need help? Have questions? I’m here to make it easier. If you have questions, then let’s connect. Book yourself a pressure-free, 20-minute Fitness Breakthrough session. I will help figure out what you need in order to become stronger and healthier version of yourself.


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