Ever thought About Bringing Play back into Your Life?

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Often times, when children return from playing, they look quite exhausted and ready for a nap.  This is the most accurate description, and also quite the truth, as playing is hard work.  It’s exhausting to the mind and body and it’s a fun way to become productive and healthy. Games and sports started out as a playful way to address challenges – ever wondered where skiing or tobogganing came from?

You’re at the top of the hill and somehow you have to make your way down to the bottom… and then you slip!

Last time I went tobogganing I had so much fun! I laughed and screamed and laughed some more, over and over again I climbed the hill that day.


Exercise and Play, They Go Hand in Hand

Playing organized sports and being a member of a large group is a great way to have a little friendly competition. In the long run it will keep you looking forward to the next time you can relax and interact with your peers and perform as a team. In today’s world, these skills are essential.

What we learn in body language, coping skills, and the interaction of the mind and body during our interaction with others is invaluable.  When we learn these skills to the fullest, not only will we learn how to get along with others, but we will also learn how to interact better with ourselves. Changing how we perceive some of our daily responsibilities or making a game of them can take the ‘work’ out of them and less of a challenge to get them done.

Through exercise and play, we will learn what our limitations are – both physical and mental.  At times of play, you’ll see children and young adults push themselves to their limit and beyond.   As children, we are all more able to distinguish between real limits versus what we ‘think’ our limits are. As adults we need to keep pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone until we actually find our limits.

The benefits that are gained from exercise and play time benefit all of us. All too often we forget how important both exercise and play are. Instead of rushing your children through their daily responsibilities, we should be learning from them by remembering that play and interaction is needed to enjoy life’s chores.


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