Eliminate Back Pain With a Strong, Beautiful Back

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Did you know one of the most common reasons people take time off from work is because of back pain? What else are you missing out on if your back muscles and ligaments cause so much pain and discomfort that it impacts your day-to-day activities? Want to learn how you can eliminate back pain and gain a strong beautiful back?

Our backs are part of our core, and our core muscles support our entire skeleton. A good way to eliminate and prevent back pain is to strengthen it. A bonus to being able to move without pain or discomfort is that your strong back will also be smooth, toned and beautiful.


Some exercises that help strengthen the back include:

Back Extensions

These can be done at the gym or at home with a stability ball. With the ball, either have someone hold your feet or tuck them under a chair or other piece of sturdy furniture as you incline your upper body. Or, with your lower abdomen resting on the ball, hold onto a wall or that solid table leg while you decline. If you’re at the gym, get situated on the roman chair and either cross your arms in front of you, or put your arms behind your head (this increases the intensity). Make sure the bench has been set up to fully support your hips to prevent hip movement. Slowly bend at the waist as far as you can, rounding your back as you go. Then, contract your glutes and low-back muscles to raise your torso until you reach the starting position. Don’t use a ballistic motion, and avoid going too high; contrary to what some people call this move, hyperextending your back isn’t a good idea.



This tends to be an exercise that is performed by men, but if women have enough existing strength to do it, it’s a great way to continue to build the back muscles and keep them in shape. With an overhand grip, grasp the bar and fully extend your arms while relaxing your shoulders. Pull up and focus on keeping the elbows out the sides and pulling them downward to raise yourself while you contract your lats. To fully stimulate the lats, pull yourself up as high as possible; if you can’t make it the entire way, consider using a spotter, try an assisted pull-up machine, or use a crossfit band. If you get your arms fully extended, squeeze your shoulder blades together at that point to get the full value of the exercise.


Rowing Variations

There are a few ways you can perform rowing variations. Single arm rows and low/narrow rows can be done using TRX; bands can be used for an upright row. Dumbbells can be used for single arm rows and a barbell for the bent-over row. To perform the bent-over row, start with a grip that is wider than shoulder-width (this lets you keep your elbows out to the sides and pull them back as high as possible to achieve a complete contraction). With your knees bent, remain in the bent-over position as you pull the bar up. Pull the bar toward your upper abs to target the teres major and the outer lats.


These are only a few of the exercises that can be used to improve and maintain your back muscles. There are also the stiff-legged deadlift, the supine grip (underhand) pull-downs, straight arm pull-downs, supine (lying) lateral raise, reverse fly, supermans and weighted squats.


Everything you do – every move you make – relies on the strength of your back. Don’t take it for granted – give it the attention it deserves!


If you’ve been experiencing back pain or want to strengthen your back before it’s too late and don’t know what your current ability is or which exercise to start with, I’m here to help. Comment below or send me a message and let me help you get started living pain-free with a strong, beautiful back!


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