Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

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Recently, I came across an article in The Huffington Post about a young woman who posed for photos in different sizes of pants… All of the pants fit her – yet, all of them were a different size.

I can remember when any particular size was that same size across all clothing items, regardless of style, material or company. But it isn’t that way anymore. Clothing companies no longer have consistent sizing. One company’s size 8 may be another company’s size 4. Even within the same manufacturer, a size 10 in one style of pant may fit, but when you try on a different style, you may discover you need a size 12.

Does that Look Familiar?

Is it any wonder why so many of us have self-esteem issues, when we think we are a size 10, but get to the store and discover we actually need a size 14 in a particular item? I meet people all the time who barely eat enough to survive, and it’s always because they are desperately trying to lose weight. One of the reasons for that is because they want to fit into a particular clothing size, that isn’t even a proper reflection of the perceived “size.” Sizing should be standardized across all clothing brands, but until that happens, we are faced with figuring out what size we need to be, and that should be related to our health and well-being, not the number on a clothing tag.

And what’s with all the hype?

The media doesn’t help, either. Magazines, commercials and even ads alongside websites constantly promote cleanses and “magic pills” that are touted as the answer that will help with weight loss and tighten belly fat and reduce cellulite. People will be tempted to buy into this because it’s a cheap, quick fix (as opposed to what they perceive to be an expensive, long-term training plan). Cleanses will result in weight loss if you eat a lot of processed foods, because it cleans out your system and shifts your water retention. More money would be invested in a cleanse, only to have the weight return once the time period of the cleanse has ended, and you return to how you used to eat.

Another expensive option is gym memberships, which entice the customer with a low monthly fee, but results in the purchase of a full year, whether the membership is used or not. Some may show you how to use the equipment, but then leave you on your own to figure out what you need to do. This quickly ends in disappointment.

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Worry about Your size; NOT your clothing’s size!

While it’s easier to lose weight when you’re young, it’s still possible to lose weight when you’re older. If you eat what you need to give your body proper nutrition and connect that to some exercise, you get to the point where you’ll be healthy enough to reach – and maintain – your ideal weight.

Be wary…

Be wary of any programs that don’t tell you up front that this is a process that will take time. You know, the “you can lose up to…” claims that get the attention of people who want a quick fix. The amount of time it will actually take, when done properly, will depend on how much weight you need to lose, how open you are to adapting to new concepts, and addressing any pre-existing health concerns.

What to watch for-

The best programs will have exercise, nutrition, and mindset components, and trainers who truly care will ask about your goals and create complete programs based upon your goals and what you are capable of achieving.

Let me ask you this: If you lose weight on a diet, but after you complete the diet, the weight comes back…does that mean the diet worked?

Of course, the answer is no. Programs that work will help you not only lose the weight, but keep it off long-term. You know, so you can wear skinny jeans and your favourite form-fitting top – regardless of the size on the tags.

Need help? Have questions? I’m here to make it easier. If you have questions, then let’s connect. I will help figure out what you need in order to become stronger and healthier version of yourself.

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