Change Your Life by Changing Your Posture!

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Can you imagine being able to change how you feel about yourself and your confidence level with just changing your posture? Oh, the possibilities! It could change so many things, couldn’t it?

Why would you want to change your confidence level? Because when you change your confidence level, you are more likely to try new things and keep working on it until you succeed. That could be playing on a team, going for a new job, asking someone to go on a date, changing any habit!

We often hear how important good posture is, but how often do we pay attention to our own posture? We hunch over our computers, our Smartphones, the steering wheels in our cars; we even tend to hunch over when we think we’re sitting up straight or walking with proper posture.

Training yourself to carry yourself with proper posture – whether you’re sitting or standing – can cause you to be healthier, more confident, and more successful. Truly.

Do you ever find yourself doing any of the following:

  • crossing your legs
  • crossing your arms
  • holding your neck
  • hunched in or making yourself smaller
  • maybe you are spread out and taking up a lot of space
  • occupying the middle of the room or crowd
  • staying on the side lines to blend into the background

If you are closing yourself in or trying to protect yourself in some way, you could benefit from changing your posture. If you are of spreading out to take up more space and make yourself stand out you are a ‘power poser.’

Have you ever noticed that ‘power people’ are more optimistic, take more risks, are more confident and tend to achieve more? Whereas others tend to be the opposite – always playing it safe, being self-conscious and timid? Physically, the ‘power people’ have a higher level of testosterone and less cortisol versus the timid people who have more cortisol and lower testosterone levels.

Change Your Posture

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Changing your pose or your posture for even two minutes to:

  • increase testosterone by 20% and cortisol  can have a 25% decrease
  • a low power pose can decrease testosterone by 10%  and cortisol can have a 15% increase

Our bodies understand everything our minds say, so what we think often translates to how we hold ourselves, and how we hold ourselves has an impact on how our minds perceive our sense of self.

“Our bodies change our minds

… and our minds change our behaviour

… and our behaviours change our outcome.”

Amy Cuddy

It may feel ‘fake’ or forced in the beginning but if you keep focusing on your posture, your confidence levels will soar and eventually you won’t need to ‘fake it’ anymore, you will be a ‘power person.’

Making a mindful and conscious change in your posture will have a positive effect on your health and overall well-being. If you want to hold the power, and not have someone hold power over you; if you want to be optimistic, to try new things and push through the fear and doubts that come with insecurities, simply changing your posture can help you have that outlook and act on your ability to trust yourself and to be in charge of your future because of the choices you make today.

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