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strenghth-is-beautifulWho Wants a Better Booty?

So, you want to have that nice, tight, round booty, but you think it’s impossible to achieve, right? It feels like no matter how many of those squats you do, you’ll just never get that nice booty. Now is your chance to learn how to build a better booty.


What if I told you that making a simple change to how you perform those squats could make all the difference and really help you build that booty?


The truth is that our bodies naturally find the simplest way to perform an action and eventually, this can create muscle imbalances, which, in turn, result in injuries. When some muscles become too weak from lack of use, other muscles can get strained and tired from being on all the time compensating for the weak muscles that aren’t performing.


Your gluteus maximus muscle – otherwise known as your butt and going forward, I’ll refer to them as the glutes – don’t ‘fire’ very much during day-to-day activities, which explains why they tend to suffer from atrophy (loss of muscle size and strength) and who wants that? Because of this, special techniques need to be used when performing exercises that target the glutes, so that they will fire optimally during the movements and increase muscular strength, size and definition.


There are various exercises you can perform to help strengthen and tighten your gluteus maximus, but let’s focus on that squat.



In this video, I demonstrate a basic shoulder width stance squat. I widen my stance, stick my bum out and put my weight on my heels, hands out in front for balance and drop down into my squat. I am being mindful of the muscles I’m using and on the up part of the movement, I am thinking about pushing up through my heels squeezing my bum at the top.

The squat is often considered a leg exercise because it targets the quads and hamstrings; however, it also works the glutes, hip adductors and abductors, and the calf muscles, among others. The trick is where you direct your thoughts and energy while you perform the squat movement. For example, if you focus on your quads while doing a squat, glutes activation is 11%; whereas if you focus on the glutes, activation increases to 25%. That simple change of focus makes a dramatic difference in results!


In Part 2 of Build a Better Booty, I’ll offer additional exercises you can do to get that healthy butt. In the meantime, get squatting and concentrate your mind on those glutes to start building that booty!

Exercise is one portion of a great strategy to build a better booty, the other part is to make sure you are giving your body what it needs and eating the right foods at the right time.
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