No-Bread Snacks to keep you on track

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“Next best to thing to sliced bread”. You’ve heard that saying before right!? But what could possibly be as good as sliced bread? There are so many yummy combinations and it’s portable! The answer is lots! Today’s post is all about no bread snacks to keep you on track to your goals.

But when you are looking to make healthier choices to improve your diet you quickly realize that you need an alternative to the convenience of bread.

You don’t have to completely get rid of bread products but you do want to be mindful and consider reducing how much bread products, especially those made with a base of white flour, you’re eating.

This begs the question: What can you eat that to replace bread that can be just as filling, but will offer more nutrients?

I asked the members of my Simply Fit group to suggest some bread alternatives, and challenged them to come up with at least 10 no-bread snacks to keep you on track and other ways to avoid bread. The results were varied and included things I never heard of!

Looking for no-bread snacks?

Here are 10 no-bread snacks to keep you on track with your diet:

  1. Almond energy balls

This is a great idea; they’re quick, nutrient-dense and full of fiber. Kids and adults alike love these, which makes it a great healthy snack alternative.

  1. Celery and Carrots with Peanut Butter

I had never heard of combining celery and peanut butter before. So many people suggested it, so I gave it a try and it’s actually pretty good. The flavours of each seem to change when they are combined and I’m happy to discover a new alternative to add to my rotation. Now, when it comes to the carrots, I tried that one on my own. Don’t knock it, until you try it!

  1. Eggs in a Cup

You can toss an egg in a mug, mix in your favourite add-ins (peppers, mushrooms, onions, a sprinkle of cheese, etc.), beat it up and toss it into the microwave for a couple of minutes for a quick and healthy, no-bread option. If you’re on the go, you can get the “breakfast sandwich” (eggs, bacon, lettuce and tomato) from Tim Hortons in a cup. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to grab something in a pinch and still avoid the bread.

  1. Greek Yogurt with Fruit or Granola

If you really want to pump up the protein content, you can add a scoop of protein powder to this wonderful treat… I mean meal. It’s filling with a lot of flavour and it has endless possibilities. Use different types of granola, fruits, or even flavours of protein powders and you could be changing this one up daily.

yogurt and granola

  1. Tuna Sandwich on Lettuce Leaves

I have this quite often; it’s fresh and filling and always tasty. A variation is to use half of a bell pepper instead of the lettuce leaves. Members of the group suggested adding cucumber slices, which would change up the flavour.

  1. Rice Cakes

This was a popular suggestion, and I love them. I eat them in place of toast. I top them with everything I would put on a sandwich like peanut butter and fruit slices, a slice of cheese, tuna salad, etc.

  1. “Salads” in Pepper Boats

I love my pepper boats! Think ‘salad’ boats! The peppers have a crunch and their shape is perfect for holding tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad… see where I’m going with that? This is one of my regular go-to items and I change it up regularly.

  1. Almond Bread

I make bread using almond flour, which is healthier than plain flour. A thin, toasted slice of this is just like a plain bagel. I can use the same mix in a waffle maker and use the waffles in place of bread slices or buns.

  1. “Egg” Wraps

I think these are sometimes called egg crepes—it’s a scrambled egg mixture cooked very thinly in a small pan. I use them in place of a wrap, filling them with veggies and/or the “salads” mentioned above. I make a bunch ahead of time and keep them in the fridge so I have them ready for the week.

  1. Cauliflower “Bread” or “Crusts”

Another great bread alternative is cauliflower! I know that may sound bizarre, but cauliflower can be used in place of bread or buns and as crusts for pizza and other items that would normally use a white flour crust. A simple Google or Pinterest search will reveal many recipe options.

There, now you have 10 no-bread snacks to reach for. Did you get any ideas after reading those? Maybe you have some of your own that you could share?

Some no-bread snacks should be a part of everyone’s diet and if you are looking for some additional inspiration for healthy food options, make sure to check out my recipe packs. They are chock full of delicious meal ideas that are sure to please… your waistline and your tastebuds.

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      Maybe because it’s so easy to reach for the same old and we get so used to having the same things all the time. 😉 Maybe a new ‘Sunday Ritual’ could be trying a new recipe?

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