Be Mindful When You Eat (and Get Fit Faster!)

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Our environments affect what and how much we eat more than we care to admit. It could be our physical environment (the kitchen, the office, the bus on the way home from work), a circumstantial environment (who we’re with/social settings) or a relational environment (being with someone that causes us to overeat).

Our environment can often cause us to eat mindlessly, instead of mindfully – and this can be very dangerous to our health.

Some examples of mindless eating include:

  • Eating from a bigger bowl (because we happened to be in our kitchen and grabbed it instead of smaller one) causes us to fill the bowl and consume more than we would have if we had chosen the smaller sized bowl.
  • If we keep a dish of candy close to us, we are more likely to eat from it because it is nearby, than we would from a dish that was farther away.
  • We eat until the container indicates we’re finished – ie: the container is empty. We need to instead eat until we are physically full – not when the dish, package or container is empty.
  • We’re more likely to eat something that has a fancy label and a high price tag attached than something that doesn’t seem quite so extravagant.
  • If we eat while watching TV, we’ll eat nearly 30% more if we watch for 60 minutes than we would if we watched for 30 minutes.


There’s an “Eating Law”

If the food is in your house or in your possession, either you or someone you love will eventually eat it.

Knowing this is true will help you to make sure that the food in your house is HEALTHY food.


Abide by this law:

If HEALTHY food is in your house or in your possession, either you or someone you love will eventually eat it.


Instead of eating mindlessly and allowing our surroundings to affect what and how much we eat, we can choose to keep healthy food options in our homes, and make sure they are nearby and convenient. When it is easy to pick the healthy choice, we are more likely to do just that. Unhealthy foods should be kept away from our cupboards, or at least kept in a location that isn’t easy to get to, making it difficult for us to reach out and grab it.


By making mindful eating part of our routines, we can reach our health and fitness goals that much faster!


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