I'm a Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach that helps busy professional women just like you

Transform Your Body & Your Health!

I’m a serious at helping you put the pieces together; teaching you how to be eating for your body and your goals, how you should be exercising for best results in the time you have, and how to manage everything in between so that you reach your goals and maintain them.

I understand you can get a gym membership to exercise on your own and you might have some successes but I help those who want to weed through all the information and develop your fast track program.

I love helping people find their ‘aha’ moments, probably because I remember all too well what the struggle is like of not knowing how the body you see in the mirror turned out to be your reflection. When it all fits together, it’s pretty amazing.

I remember the pieces coming together. It doesn’t happen overnight but when you find out you’re on the right path to reaching your goals, you will know it because it won’t be complicated and it won’t be a quick fix that promises unrealistic outcomes.   

"I started so I could feel GOOD again!"

When I started my fitness journey a few years ago I had no idea where it would take me. I had no idea how far I would go, that I would become a personal trainer, have a business, or be able to help as many people as I have. I started because I was tired of the pain, I was tired of not being able to do things because I didn’t have the energy or strength and I wanted to feel ‘good’ again. 

Everyone will have their own reasons for their journey and your road will be different than mine. You need to learn at your own pace and practice what you learn. For me, once I learned one thing, it led me to the next thing, and so so on. What I know for sure is that this is a journey without end, forever something new. It is a lifestyle. 

If you are anything like I was, you may be thinking healthy people are boring and don’t enjoy life for its wonderful foods and the pleasure of having a drink once in a while. What I didn’t know at the time was. I could still enjoy life and my food, and I only needed to change was my relationship with food and how to move my body to keep myself strong.

Growth happened in so many ways, physical, mental, and emotional. When all three happened, my life changed. Building muscle to strengthen my body and deal with the pain. Emotional growth is essential for perseverance. When you can change your mindset you can choose your outcome. Make sure to surround yourself with people that will hold you up and add a spark underneath you.

Fear of the unknown can hold you back, don’t let it. Surround yourself with people who have gone where you want to go and can show you what it could be like. Learn from them. 

Reach for your dreams, take action, and keep practicing... and then practice some more. There is no destination, only lookout points along the way so you can appreciate the view of how far you’ve come.

Reach for your dreams, take action, and keep practicing...

By putting in the work on the things that mattered most.

I empower women to become strong, confident and fit through coaching, exercise & nutrition.

I help women like you learn how to navigate through all the health and fitness noise so that you can focus on the things that are relevant to you and your body as you are today.

I am your biggest cheerleader while still being your coach, helping you to KNOW your body... what it needs and when it needs it. While you build your strength, your confidence in your abilities also grows. The more you know, the more confident you are, the more effort you put in, the sooner you will love your reflection.

I help you show up like the superstar you are while you transform your body and the way you look at health and fitness.


I Practice Honesty

I help you figure out what needs to happen for you to be able to reach your goals. Sometimes it's as easy as educating you about which foods to eat and how to know when you push your limits in your workouts. Other times, there more to it and I support you as you learn to navigate your wellness journey.

I Create Fun

Exercise is a necessity and when you can make it as fun as possible you will want to do it on a regular basis. You won't get bored. Challenge yourself by learning how to add variety to your workouts by changing the scenery and the tools you use.