A Good workout consists of…

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A Good workout consists of 5 components. Planning your workouts will take practice in the beginning but once you learn the concept you will always know what you need to do in your next workout to reach your goals.  Just winging it will see you frustrated at the lack of results and have you quitting before you’ve actually begun.


A Good workout consists of…

  • Warm-up – You must do a thorough warm up to prepare your body for what you about to put your body through, increase your heart rate, get the blood flowing through your limbs, movement lubricates your joints
  • Primary Focus – Always perform the Primary exercises first. They require the most concentration and will give you the most gains. They are chosen depending on your overall goals. These exercises are exclusively large multi-joint exercise and are usually some variation of the squat, deadlift, lunge, chin up, row, or chest press.
  • Supporting Exercises – Secondary exercises still require proper form but not to the same extent. You have a lot more flexibility of what exercises you do. These exercises support the primary exercises and help you get that much closer to the goal. These would include abdominal work (rotation, flexion, anti-rotation), single joint exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, and single-leg exercises.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise – Cardio is best performed at the end of the workout when you heart rate is already elevated and in the ‘fat burning’ zone. There is steady state cardio, interval training, or HIIT training which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Again, which one to use will depend on your goals, how much time you have, and experience.
  • Self Myofascial Release SMF – . As far as I’m concerned everyone should use a foam roller. There are other options than just foam rollers but you can get along with a good one for quite a while. When you are doing strenuous exercises, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. Foam rolling after your workout will minimize the amount of DOMS you experience.

When you plan ahead, you will see results, feel better, and look better. Making physical activity part of your daily routine will no longer be a chore some people cringe at the thought of but something to look forward to because of how it makes you feel.

If you feel a little lost as to where to begin on your own, look at hiring a personal trainer, that’s their job.

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