7 Ways to be just a little better!

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Where are you at with your workouts these days?

Do you want to try something new, harder more challenging?

Does the thought of more of a challenge scare you; would that be too hard?


Ask yourself, where are you on the spectrum?

Maybe you’re just… in between and that’s OK. This may be the time to ask yourself some questions – honestly. Are you feeling inspired to see just how strong you can be in your workouts — even in a tiny way you’re looking forward to see how you can push yourself? Have you wondered what it’s like to try something new and different that will move your body in new ways or are you fighting the inner child that’s telling you to quit after only two sets, There’s other things to do like getting home to let the dog out; you biked to work so it should be OK to bail on the last set; you are really sweating so it must be good enough, right?


Most of us feel all of these things at different times and that’s OK.

Exercise continuum


Figure of where you find yourself on the continuum… that ‘s your starting point!

Now from there, you need to have some sort of progressive resistance in exercise– that means it needs to get more difficult as time passes. We need to change it up because eventually our bodies will get used to whatever it is that we’re doing and it will stop changing. Each time you train you tried to do just a little bit more, that could be a little bit more weight, couple more reps, can be another set


‘Uh, where do I start?’  – Start Where You Are!


The best place you can start is exactly where you are since that’s where you are today! Find something that excites you, makes you want to do something, or that makes you curious. Once you find that something, give it the best you’ve got.


7 Ways to be just a little better!

Have an objective

  • “Today, I want to try ____.”
  • Increase weight by… # of pounds
  • Increase cardio by… # of minutes
  • Focus on perfection form on… pick and exercise

Use the “just one more” or ” little better” approach

  • When you are completing a set, push for just one more rep, one more pound, one my set. Every little bit counts.

Focus on quality

  • Do the same number of reps, but do them better. Do what you can to make your technique perfect. Make sure you ask for feedback if necessary — try filming yourself and see what you notice. Seeing is different from feeling in the beginning.
  • Do your reps slightly faster or more consistently, efficient like a machine – keep to a set pace and hold that pace. Ideally with your breath – breathe in going into the rep and exhale coming out the movement.
  • Do the same reps/weight but do it with less rest. If you are resting two minutes, shorten your rest to 90 or 60 seconds.
  • Expand your pain-free range of motion. Go just a little farther.

Try something new

  • Take your workouts outside. Not having boundaries is awesome!
  • Learn something new that you haven’t done before or practice something long enough that it will make it a skill. (There are so many variations of planks and pushups)
  • Training with a friend or a group gives workouts a different feel.

It’s OK to look silly

  • Who cares what you look like!? There are a few exercises where form is very important but when you are first starting out, don’t concern yourself with how you look. Your body learns quickly.
  • Here’s a secret – people are too worried about what THEY look like to be worried about what YOU look like!

Find someone to compete with!

  • Time your circuit workouts and see who can finish faster.
  • Track your intervals and see who can do the highest intensity.
  • Compete to see who can be the most consistent — 100% compliance for X weeks
  • Race your kids (or spouse, or dog) around the block. Or play tag for your intervals
  • Sign up for a local race or competition in an activity you enjoy.


Track progress / set next steps.

  • At the end of the day write down
    • What you accomplished
    • What did you do better than last time
    • What can you try doing better next time?

Small incremental changes are still changes and honestly, they are the best to have. They are progressive and long lasting. The more you do something, the better you get. Along with doing something over and over, you are creating a routine. Routines are the lifeline to a healthy lifestyle. Even in a chaotic life, you can still have routines. Set them, forget them and let them work for you.

Are you ready to let someone else do the thinking about your workout plan and tell you what you should do next? Let’s connect and see how I can help you.

 I will help figure out what you need in order to become stronger and healthier version of yourself.

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