5 Healthy Tips so You Can Enjoy the Holiday

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Two important summer holidays are quickly approaching. Canadians celebrate the country’s birthday on July 1st and just a few days later, on July 4th, our American friends south of the border celebrate what is known as Independence Day. These holidays are traditionally celebrated with picnics and barbecues shared with family and friends, often ending with a display of fireworks lighting up the night sky.

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If you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s easy to think that you’ll fall off track with all the food and drink associated with these celebratory events. But if you plan ahead, you can still participate and stay on track with your fitness goals at the same time. Here are a few tips:


  • Find some healthy versions of your favourite recipes to take along. For example, if you love potato salad, make the cauliflower version. It’s just as tasty, but much healthier. (Did you know that one cup of cauliflower has only three carbs, but one cup of potatoes has a whopping 37 carbs?!) Want to enjoy a slice of pizza? Make zucchini pizza – it is delicious, nutritious and will satisfy that saucy-cheesy craving! Find healthy alternatives to your favourite dishes so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the traditional holiday foods.
  • Get physical! Remember potato sack races, three legged-races and water balloon fights? Those are so much fun! Plan some fun competitive activities, or just have some balls and gloves, skipping ropes and Frisbees on hand to promote activity and movement.


  • Drink plenty of water. Not only is this important for you to stay hydrated while out in the sun and performing physical activities, it will also help you feel full and keep you from over-eating.


  • Plan your workouts ahead of time so you don’t lose track of them. Make sure you schedule them into your week and try to get them all in before the holiday starts.


  • If you are extra careful with your diet ahead of time (no cheat days!), you can relax a little and indulge just a little bit – but focus on your goals so you don’t go overboard.


With these five tips in mind, start planning your Canada Day or Independence Day celebration, and have a fun and healthy holiday!

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